Dr. Al Announces Running Mate

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Dr. Al Olszewski Selects Senator, Former Marine for Lieutenant Governor
Olszewski and Bogner offer voters True Montana Leadership

KALISPELL, Mont. – Dr. Al Olszewski (R-Kalispell) has selected his colleague and fellow veteran, Sen. Kenneth Bogner (R-Miles City), to serve as Montana’s next Lieutenant Governor. In his search for a second in command, Dr. Olszewski wanted someone he could trust to stand for his conservative values, and could count on in the fight to put Montana’s people first.  

Since announcing his bid for governor, Dr. Olszewski has met with thousands of Montanans across the state, listening to the concerns of citizens. During that time, he interviewed several other possible candidates for this top post. “This was never going to be a quick decision, but as my search continued, I kept going back to the same candidate,” Olszewski said. He added, “It is important that leaders understand that their role is to serve, not rule. Sen. Bogner is someone I have come to know not just as a colleague, but also a fellow veteran–he took that same oath that I did, to protect and defend the Constitution with his life. During this last session, he impressed me with his commitment to conservative values. I noticed that he was always his own man; he was not afraid to be the lone vote on legislation—even if it was going against some major establishment players—and that independence and integrity, to me, is invaluable in being a true leader. He’s in it for the right reasons, and Montanans deserve leaders who are in this fight to serve the people, not to advance their own career.” Olszewski and Bogner also served together on the Senate Finance & Claims Committee where they worked on the state budget — something they both want to overhaul in the 2021 legislative session.

Prior to being elected to the State Senate, Sen. Bogner was a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps, serving two tours in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After getting a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, he then returned home and returned to public service in the post of Chief of Staff to the Senate Majority Leader in the 2017 legislative session, and worked as an Eastern Montana field representative for U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT). “This is a great honor. I look forward to serving in the Olszewski Administration where I can be a strong voice for rural Montana, and our next generation of leaders,” said Bogner. He added, “I respect Al’s service to our country and state. I look forward to helping him pass meaningful reforms to state government, writing a sustainable budget, building up our rural and natural resource communities, standing up for the sanctity of human life, and our Constitutional rights.”

Sen. Bogner is known for his commitment to hard work. He will join Dr. Olszewski on an aggressive campaign tour around the state over the next two weeks, after which he will be holding events on his own. Included in Bogner’s campaign schedule will be numerous meet-and-greets and fundraising events. As Olszewski’s lieutenant, Bogner will have a say in campaign operations, help craft policy, and bring on additional staff.