**Gubernatorial Debate** Tonight In Billings!!

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Tonight in Billings will be the second gubernatorial debate! The topics are healthcare, public safety, jobs, and economy. Let me share with you Dr. Al’s first-hand experience regarding these issues. As an orthopedic surgeon and vice-chair of the Joint Health and Human Services Committee, Dr. Al knows the ins and outs of our healthcare system and how costs have become unsustainable. As an Air Force veteran, Major Olszewski knows how important safety is to our communities and what it takes to protect them and our families. As a small businessman, Dr. Al has experienced the stifling effects of government bureaucracy when running a private practice. He knows the burden that over-regulation can have and what it means to make sure the bills and employees are paid before himself.

Whether you call him Senator, Doc, or Major Olszewski, it is clear that he is the most well-rounded candidate in this race. The debate tonight will mark the beginning of the ramp-up of 2020. People around the state will begin paying more attention to political races. There is no question about it, Dr. Al Olszewski is the best candidate for governor of Montana! I need your help to ensure that everyone across our Treasure State knows about Dr. Al. Assist us by telling all of your family and friends, face-to-face, or by sharing your support across social media. Your friends value your opinion, so please let them know that you support Al “Doc” Olszewski to be Montana’s next Governor! 

Thank you all for your support.  I hope you tune in tonight and observe the authenticity, proven leadership, and desire of Dr. Al Olszewski to serve ALL of Montana!

In Your Service,

Senator Ken Bogner
Senate District 19
Candidate for Lt. Governor 2020