Montanans For Limited Government Endorsement

In Recent News by AlforMontana

I am honored to receive the endorsement for Governor from Montanans For Limited Government and their advisors.

“A candidate questionnaire from MFLG was provided to the three Republican candidates in January and the Libertarian candidate in March. Voluntary responses were requested back by March 9. Republican candidate Al Olszewski and Libertarian candidate Lyman Bishop responded to the questionnaire; Tim Fox and Greg Gianforte did not provide responses.

A group of advisors to Montanans for Limited Government considered publicly available information, statements made by candidates at both public and private events, campaign web sites, policy positions, social media sites, voting records, and responses to the candidate questionnaire and recommends Al Olszewski for Governor. Montanans for Limited Government concurs.”

Montanans for Limited Government has over 11,000 followers on Facebook.  Several weeks ago they conducted a poll between myself and Fox, and another one between myself and Greg Gianforte, as Facebook only allows polls between two people at a time.  After hundreds of votes the outcome is clear.  If you are for small government and conservative values, I am the proven candidate! I am the Republican’s best and only shot at getting the Governor’s back into conservative leadership.

Thank you Montanans for Limited Government.
May God Bless the State of Montana.

Always Faithful,

Al “Doc” Olszewski, MD
Candidate for Governor 2020
State Senator, SD 6