Stop the Sale of Fetal Body Parts

In Recent News by AlforMontana

Judicial Watch recently exposed the long time purchase and use of aborted fetal tissue for research at Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, Montana. The aborted fetal tissue was used to create human-mice hybrids for medical research. This is outrageous! Scientific and medical studies can be performed without the use of fetal tissues from aborted children.

As a physician and a researcher, I think we must follow the highest standard of ethics when it comes to scientific research. The  buying and/or selling of aborted baby parts is not only unethical, it is immoral.

The selling of aborted human organs and tissues for profit is illegal. Both Rocky Mountain Labs and the seller should be investigated and prosecuted if their serial transactions are proven to be illegal.

I am 100 percent opposed to this “taxpayer funded Frankenstein type of experimentation.” As your next Governor, I will promote and sign legislation that prohibits the use of fetal organ or tissue from an abortion for any research, experiment or study in Montana. Furthermore, I will promote and sign legislation that prohibits the transport of fetal tissue and organs from an abortion across state lines. We must stop Montana’s medical research community of its complicity in the killing of unborn children.

Always Faithful,

Al “Doc” Olszewski, MD
Candidate for Governor 2020
State Senator, SD 6