Dick Pence (Billings, MT)

In by Ian Sibbert

For Nancy and me, it all starts with integrity – we see it in Al with uncompromising consistency. He is correct, all politics is local. When it comes to knowing and communicating Montana issues, he is the best. Al distinguishes himself in this race as being a listener. He may not agree with you, but the conversation will be eyeball …

Karrin Sax, USAF Veteran (Lolo, MT)

In by Nick

“Dr. Al is one of the most compassionate, kind, smart, honest people I have ever known. Al, you will make an awesome governor and fight for what Montanans believe in because that is where your heart is.”

Juliann Bliss (Great Falls, MT)

In by Nick

“Dr. Al Olszewski is the best choice for Montana! Al is a third generation Montanan, a veteran, and he is unmatched in integrity, dedication, drive, and love for our great state.”

Daniel Olszewski (Helena, MT)

In by Nick

“First, I would like to say that Dr. Olszewski embodies respect, honor, and dignity for everyone. As a father, he pushed me to not only respect everyone, but to show compassion as well. As a veteran, he started his family on an Air Force base. He brought those values to every part our lives. He’s not running for election for …

Albert Michael Olszewski (Queens, NY)

In by Nick

“I am very proud of my father for announcing his Gubernatorial Campaign. My dad has devoted his life to serving people as a father (adoptive and biological), a doctor, and a veteran. It is not just his passion. It is in his nature to take care of everyone around him. He works harder than anyone I know. On his days …

Megan Smith (Kalispell, MT)

In by Nick

“Dr. Al is articulate, direct, and has a good sense of humor to boot! I have never met a more effective, respectful, and incredibly likable leader. He does not bring his opponents down, or focus on money or endorsements as the reasons why a person should vote for him. Dr. Al talks about what HE WILL DO for Montanans! His …

Sierra Butts (Kalispell, MT)

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“Dr. Al is what Montana needs as governor! He is a man of faith with great integrity. He can take on any contender and win because he will focus on the issues. Dr. Al has my vote!”

Dave Lewis (Helena, MT)

In by AlforMontana

“I have thought about this race for some time. We must elect a Republican Governor! I am convinced that Al can bring conservatives together with everyone in our party. We need the Trump coalition to win this and Al can deliver it.”   -Dave Lewis (Helena, MT)

Scott McLean (Hamilton, MT)

In by AlforMontana

“While I respect the other candidates in the race, Senator Olszewski has won me over. He treated me with sterling kindness, both publicly and privately, at a time when we were competing against each other. I’ve also witnessed him take the heat for supporting policy solutions that haven’t been widely embraced yet even in his own party, but which are …

Drew Zinecker (Helena, MT )

In by AlforMontana

“I am supporting Dr. Al because we need a governor whose only allegiance is to Montanans – not career politicians and Helena insiders.” -Drew Zinecker (Helena, MT)