Rep. Carl Glimm

In by AlforMontana

“I fully endorse Dr. Al Olszewski for Montana’s next Governor. Al has the best interest at heart for Montana. Al’s got the “get ‘r done” work ethic of Montana, from his deep roots in Montana. Growing up on the east side, living on the west side, serving the whole state as a legislator, Al finds friends everywhere, because he’s the hometown guy. Service is what Al is about, as a volunteer in our great nation’s military, as a doctor that serves in an industry that needs a lot of help, as a legislator finding first hand the issues that need fixing in our state government, and most importantly, as a husband and father and foster parent. Al is the guy who knows the issues, can articulate the direction and lead the people to get it done. I am proud to be able to call Al my friend and know he will make a Great Governor for Montana 2020!”

– Rep. Carl Glimm, Montana HD6 (Kila, MT)