Scott McLean (Hamilton, MT)

In by AlforMontana

“While I respect the other candidates in the race, Senator Olszewski has won me over. He treated me with sterling kindness, both publicly and privately, at a time when we were competing against each other. I’ve also witnessed him take the heat for supporting policy solutions that haven’t been widely embraced yet even in his own party, but which are right, which shows me that he has intellectual integrity…in other words, he has strict principles and he stands up for them even when the current isn’t with him. I also know that he has supported policy positions that serve as intellectual litmus tests for those of us who are deeply involved in policy…he is able to weigh evidence and arrive at correct conclusions about how to solve the issue, correctly applying limited government principles, when so many others on the right don’t. I am happy to have him as a friend.”

-Scott McLean (Hamilton, MT)