The Most Solemn and Sacred Day

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Today we honor our military brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and our liberty. For this reason, Memorial Day is a most solemn and sacred day.

This morning, I honor our fallen brothers and sisters with a special sense of sadness. What they gave to us, we have no power to repay them. They gave “all” in their last full measure of devotion to God, Country, and Family so that we may be free for another generation.

Although we can never repay our fallen heroes, we can strive to “pay it forward” to those who will follow.

Therefore, to the next generation of Americans, I bring you this simple but powerful message.

In America we have never lived a day in our lives that we weren’t free.

The price of freedom is always high and We the People have never, never walked away from that cost!

The cost to all Americans is clear, but is never easy – Serve our country to the best of your ability! If you are able, we call upon you to put on the uniform of our military and join us in protecting our families and defending this land we call home.

If you are unable to serve in our military family, serve our country in other ways. Serve with clarity, serve with courage, serve Our People with honor and commitment.

To all Americans, I make this request – fly our flag and show it honor and respect. This flag is the last uniform we veterans wear as our coffin is placed into the ground. This flag is the last uniform that is draped across the coffin of our fallen Patriots as they return home.

Finally, to our enemies, I proclaim this warning. We Americans, jealously protect our freedom and our liberty!

We will negotiate for it.
We will sacrifice for it.
We will die for it.

But we will never forfeit or surrender our freedom and liberty. Not now, not ever.

May God Bless our departed heroes and those present today.
May God Bless Montana, and may God Bless the United States of America.

Senator Al Olszewski, MD
State of Montana District 6
Candidate for Governor 2020
Former Major USAF