We Never Quit!

In Recent News by AlforMontana

“Despite the rumors and lies and backstabbing and the flip-flopping, I’m in this race until the end.  I will not be bullied, bought or body-slammed out of this race.  Montana deserves a Governor that is a fighter, and I am the man for the job.”

While the Montana news media made these 2 sentences in my opening monologue the most talked about statement of the debate, they missed the point. Despite all the adversity and pressures placed upon my family, campaign team and me, we will not quit. In the same way as many Montanans, we will not stop fighting for the issues we deeply believe in. Ms. Espinosa is fighting for her religious liberties against the Montana Department of Revenue.  The people of Western Montana are fighting for their water rights. The “Save the Cowboy” movement is fighting to save the production farmer and rancher. The Olszewski/Bogner team is fighting for our Montana way of living and the right to pass our way of life onto our children.  We will not be silenced.  We will not be intimidated.  Even if powerful Republican leaders flip-flop because of political expediency, we will continue to fight for the issues, principles and constitutional rights crucial to our Montana way of living.

Babe Ruth said it best, “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”  I will never give up on the idea that Montana deserves a Governor that serves her people and holds our state agencies accountable to the constitution.  This is a hard fight.  I need your help.  Please go to alformontana.com and join our team.  Together let’s create a Governor administration that serves our state rather than rules over her.

Always Faithful,

Al “Doc” Olszewski, MD
Candidate for Governor 2020
State Senator, SD 6