We Serve, Not Rule

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While campaigning in a Billings coffee shop, I went to take a seat at a table next to a group of Republican coffee drinkers.  Before I could sit down I heard, “this is a Democrat table.”  The voice came from a woman sitting at the end of the large table.  Sensing that first blood had been drawn, I sat down and focused my attention on her.  I introduced myself and mentioned that I was campaigning for governor.  My new “friend” was a retired attorney that recently moved back to the state.  Her wit was sharp and she went straight for the jugular.  “I hate it when Republicans rule because they take everything from the poor.”  I pushed back hard.  I replied that the best social program to help the poor out of poverty was a good paying job.  Furthermore, elected officials serve the people not rule over them.  She picked up her cup.  As she was leaving the table, she retorted, “There is no difference between serving and ruling.”
Later that night I reflected on what she said.  I did not agree with her premise.  There is a clear distinction between serving the people and having dominion over them.  However, I have observed a number of elected officials in both parties that say they serve us.  Yet if you look at their conduct and their voting records, they act like they rule over us.

Let me be clear.  As your next governor, I will use the power of my office to serve Montana, not rule over her.  Why?  I believe that God granted sovereign power to each person.  Our rights come from Him.  Elected officials have the obligation and duty to protect these God-given rights. One can only accomplish this duty through service to the people, not by ruling over them.

As we approach Christmas, I wish to say thank you to everyone who is supporting our campaign to be your next governor. We are running a grassroots campaign against two Republican Goliaths.  It’s a good thing my middle name is David!  Together we can be successful with your prayers, your time, your talents, and your treasure.

May God bless you and your families!

Merry Christmas and a blessed Hanukkah to you all,

Al Olszewski, MD
Candidate for Governor 2020
State Senator, SD 6

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